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Conservative radio talk-show host and budding Internet entrepreneur Glenn Beck announced plans on Tuesday to expand his news operation at The Blaze by opening three foreign bureaus, and refocusing it as a libertarian network.

According to Buzzfeedglennbeck1, Beck said that in the next 60 days The Blaze will open three foreign bureaus in cities that are “important to America,” and relocate the New York offices to a building that will “send a very clear message to everyone in New York…it will piss everyone off.”

Beck also said that he will be looking to hire investigative journalists in the mold of Woodward and Bernstein, and that The Blaze will “grow our own,” if he couldn’t find any.

The announcement that Beck will refocus with a libertarian bent shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has watched and listened to him over the past few years, as he has drifted further and further away from the Republican Party. This looks like a smart business move to try and tap a younger audience.

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