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Conservative talk-show host and Internet entrepreneur Glenn Beck said yesterday’s meeting of conservative media figures with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “was like affirmative action for conservatives,” after hearing his colleagues suggestions on how Facebook can be more balanced in its news reporting.

Beck posted a lengthy commentary on his website about the meeting, praising Facebook for holding the meeting and wondering what the other conservatives in the room were thinking:

“I sat through a meeting that, to me, felt like I was attending a Rainbow Coalition meeting, that people (not me) had come with a list of demands. I looked around the room, I heard the complaints, I listened to the perspectives, and not a single person in the room shared evidence of any wrongdoing. Maybe they had some, but it wasn’t shared.”

After listening to the various suggestions from fellow conservatives, Beck was flabbergasted at what he heard:

“It was like affirmative action for conservatives. When did conservatives start demanding quotas AND diversity training AND less people from Ivy League Colleges. I sat there, looking around the room at ‘our side’ wondering, ‘Who are we?’ Who am I?”

Even though I’m not much of  a Beck fan, he does make some good points as to what happened at the meeting. This was an opportunity for conservatives to make their case as to how Facebook can improve its standing within the conservative community and instead they made suggestions that will do little to change the perception that Facebook favors liberals over conservatives.



Photo by Gage Skidmore

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