Accuracy in Media

Much has been made about whether or not global warming is for real and what the effects of such a warming are for us.  Frankly I say give me more warming. Well at least during the winter.

I was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area and while it isn’t as frigid as other parts of the country it does get cold here in the winter and we normally get a decent amount of snow and ice.  Yet thanks to what environmentalists will call global warming we just completed the 9th warmest December on record in our area.  The average temperature was 44.3 degrees and for most of December we were free of any precipitation and had some days that approached 70 degrees making life very pleasant.  It was great to not have to go to work wearing a bulky and heavy overcoat. 

But is it really global warming that behind these warmer temperatures?  In looking at the data the answer is no.  Over the last six years the temperature has fluctuated up and down with December 2005 being 3.1 degrees below normal.  According to Steve Zubrick, science and operations manager at the National Weather Services’ Northern Virginia Office there is no trend toward warmer winters. 

The problem with the warm December is that the media and the environmentalists jump on this as a sign of global warming.  Well, I didn’t know that winter was just one month long.  This same group also tends to ignore any year that temperatures drop below normal in an effort to make their point.  After all how many of us actually remember how cold last winter was?  Since the word winter conjures up images of freezing temperatures and snow, a cold winter isn’t exactly unusual and doesn’t make for a very good news story.  But an unusually warm winter or warm month during winter creates a feeding frenzy to find out why this happened with the usual suspect being global warming.

While it would have made a nice photo to have experienced a white Christmas last month, I didn’t miss shoveling the snow or scraping the ice off my windshield.  I didn’t miss having school delayed or closed due to snowy conditions or having to drive through the muck in Washington traffic which is bad enough on a clear day.  I did enjoy taking a walk around my neighborhood with my daughter clad only a sweatshirt and jeans,  and being able to help with the outdoor Christmas decorations and not freezing to death.  Add in a lower fuel bill as my heating needs dropped last month and global warming if that’s what it is doesn’t look so bad after all. 

I’m sure that the remaining months of winter here in D.C. will bring us a good measure of bad weather and remind us that one month does not a season make.

To the global warmingistas I say be grateful for the good weather and try to use real science for a change.

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