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In an effort to manage expectations in case Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a strong performance in the first presidential debate on Monday, her campaign said today that they fear the debate moderators will not be as tough on Donald Trump as they will be on Hillary.

“My biggest concern is not a view of any moderator, but just that people accommodate their questions and lower the bar of their questions to suit the candidate in front of them,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri told reporters on Clinton’s plane, according to The Hill.

“That has happened with Trump in the past,” she said.

Palmieri also told reporters that Clinton receives “much harder questions” than Trump because she has put forward detailed material, while Trump hasn’t.

Except, that is, when it comes to Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or her private email server.

The media have largely whiffed lately—except for Matt Lauer when he was questioning Mrs. Clinton. But his liberal colleagues in the media pilloried him for his tough treatment of Hillary, so it’s highly unlikely that they will be too hard on her during the debates since she is their preferred candidate.

Trump has also tempered expectations by calling the debates “gamed.” He even suggested that they should debate without a moderator, which would be interesting but potentially chaotic.

In any event, the debate on Monday will probably be one of the most watched in history, as the race is very close and some voters are still trying to determine which candidate is more trustworthy and fit to serve as president.

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