Accuracy in Media

For the first time in my 45 years I attended an inaugural ball. Well actually two on back to back nights. What struck me about my experience is how very different they were.

On Wednesday night I took my son to the Route 66 Ball being held at the National Museum of the American Indian on the mall. This was the state ball for Arizona and New Mexico. I was able to secure tickets through a friend working for an Arizona congressman. It was very well attended and the location was superb. The museum has only been open a short time and like most DC area residents I had not been to the museum yet. While the exhibits were great, my favorite being the display of Geronimo’s gun, it was a very staid and stuffy affair. No Bush buzz there.

Last night, I attended the Free Republic ball. Now this was a ball, literally. Held at the Washington Plaza hotel it was something to behold. There were something like 700 freepers and their friends in attendance and it was a great mix of food, fun and entertainment. We were treated to a video presentation of Free Republic activities, a few awards including one to Buckhead who was one of the first people to spot the irregularties in the Bush memos that Dan Rather was trying to pass off as genuine and a rousing performance by Capital Offense, with bass guitarist Mike Huckabee, who also happens to be the governor of Arkansas.

It was a great night and a whole lot more fun that the state ball from the night before. I hated to see it end and I can’t wait until 2009.

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