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Washington D.C. area conservative talk show host Michael Graham has been suspended indefinitely for describing Islam as a “terrorist organization” on his program. Graham made his comments a week ago and while the station initially stood behind his right to free speech, they caved by the end of the week after being pressured by the D.C. Based pro Muslim group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

In a statement to the press the station’s President and General Manager Chris Berry said “Talk radio is an excellent forum to discuss issues important to our society, nevertheless, the statements that Michael Graham made on July 25 crossed the line, and he has been suspended pending an internal investigation. We do not condone his position, and we believe his statements were irresponsible,” Graham told his listeners that “We are at war with a terrorist organization named Islam,” as he described how Muslim leaders and followers in general continue to support the extreme elements by not kicking them out of the religion.

Graham’s column on the subject appeared on the Jewish World Review  website which apparently his GM didn’t read, otherwise he might not have issued the suspension.

The Washington Post quoted CAIR communication director Ibrahim Hooper as saying “I think it’s a testament to the determination of individual Muslims who contacted the station and it’s advertisers to say that Islamaphobia and anti-Muslim bigotry are unacceptable.” Or at least shows what happens when a pressure group mobilizes it’s forces. The Post also failed to note that CAIR issued a fatwa against terrorism on July 28th, after Graham’s remarks.  Coincidence?  CAIR would like you to think so. 

The Post article on the controversy also too a cheap shot at Graham noting that he had been fired twice before for on-air statements in other cities. This is so typical of the behavior of the liberal press to dredge up old history on conservatives while burying it for their liberal allies. Send an e-mail to Chris Berry and demand that Michael Graham be re-instated immediately.

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