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There is no love lost between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, and that situation isn’t likely to improve after Kelly defended a CNN reporter who Trump attacked on Wednesday morning for not doing his bidding.

Trump, who was being interviewed by phone on CNN’s New Day, wasted little time before he launched an attack on reporter Sara Murray, who had covered his book signing on Tuesday.

“Sara Murray didn’t report it very well because she never flips the camera to show the lines. I think she’s absolutely terrible, your reporter,” Trump told host Chris Cuomo.

“Either she’s a very unemotional person or she’s not a very good reporter. One or the other”

Trump did call Cuomo a “top-notch” host, but then questioned Murray’s competency:

I don’t know if that’s because she is incompetent, or she doesn’t like me or maybe she’s given instructions from up above. Who knows? I don’t really care.

Kelly took a look at Trump’s claim about Murray not showing the lines and found that CNN did, in fact, show the crowd inside Trump Tower. She noted that they didn’t have a camera outside to show the long lines that Trump was speaking about.

She also pointed out that Murray has reported favorably on Trump in the past, which apparently didn’t matter in this case.

Fox News’ Media Buzz host Howie Kurtz said it was strange because he was at the Trump Tower press conference where Trump praised her for asking a great question, only to turn around the next day and attack her.

Kelly said the problem is that “unless you say it just the way he wants you to say it, you get hit,” noting that some networks “give him an unfettered arena in which to assault the press, which helps with some voters because they don’t like the media.”

She also said the press craves Trump’s approval so much that they can’t get through an interview without asking Trump, “Am I fair? Do you think I’m fair? I’m fair, though, right?”

Perhaps many reporters act like that, but Kelly has shown that she’s not about to play that game.

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