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Fox News Channel continued its cable-news ratings dominance in the second quarter of 2014, by finishing at the top for the 50th consecutive quarter, a feat that has only been matched by ESPN in all of cable television. That’s a stunning 12-and-a-half years as the top dog in cable news, for both daytime and primetime. ESPN is in the sports category—which they have largely had to themselves—though they are now facing some competition from NBC Sports and Fox Sports 1.

Both Fox & Friends and Your World with Neil Cavuto also marked their 50th straight quarters as the No. 1 shows in their respective timeslots. As strong as their ratings are, though, they trail the top-rated O’Reilly Factor, which has finished at the top in its timeslot for 57 quarters.

FNC’s schedule is very strong from top to bottom. Except for the occasional nightly victory by MSNBC or CNN, the network is firmly ensconced as the top network in cable news, and shows no sign of giving up that title anytime in the near future.

Bloomberg Businessweek has charted the quarterly ratings performance since 2001 in the graph below:

bloomberg chart for Fox News

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