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As Barack Obama’s time as president winds down, he took what may be his parting shot at Fox News, blaming the conservative cable news network, in part, for contributing to the Democrats stunning election loss last month.

In an interview with Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner, Obama was asked if he thought the U.S. was still a “progressive country” following the election of Trump:

“I think that nothing is determined, but that the number of people who have a strong belief in a fair, just, equal, inclusive America is the majority and is growing.

And part of the challenge, though, that we do have, and this is something that I’ve been chewing on for a while now, is that there is a cohort of working-class white voters that voted for me in sizable numbers, but that we’ve had trouble getting to vote for Democrats in midterm elections. In this election, [they] turned out in huge numbers for Trump. And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments. That part of the critique of the Democratic Party is accurate. We spend a lot of time focused on international policy and national policy and less time being on the ground. And when we’re on the ground, we do well. This is why I won Iowa.”

Fox News Research, which generally tweets out facts and figures, tweeted out a chart showing the number of times that Obama has taken shots at Fox News during his presidency, adding a cheeky comment that the network is still giving him the blues.

Maybe if Obama and his fellow Democrats had watched Fox News instead of blindly believing what the liberal media were saying, they might be celebrating a victory rather than wallowing in defeat.

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