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Fox News’ Ed Henry: “I Like to Play for a First Place Team”

Ed Henry, who recently left CNN to become Fox News’ senior White House Correspondent, spoke with Don Imus about his decision to move to the top rated cable news network.

Imus: When did you come over from the dark side, CNN?

Henry:You know I just came over a few weeks ago and last Monday was my first day and the president gives a prime time address on the debt deal and it was sort of a baptism by fire, but that’s the only way to do it.  I root for the Yankees and so I like to play for a first place team. Now technically the Yankees are not in first place right now, I have to admit, they’re a game behind the Red Sox, but there’s no doubt about where Fox is.

What does that make CNN? The Astros, Orioles or any other team that is a cellar dweller this year? Ouch!

As for his dustup last week with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Henry said that his only problem with Carney “Is that he is a Red Sox  fan,” but otherwise is a pretty good guy, showing that he certainly isn’t harboring any ill will towards Carney.