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President Donald Trump, who Tweeted in November 2015 that conservative columnist and political commentator George Will “should be thrown off Fox News,” got his wish Friday as the network announced that they would not be renewing his contract along with a few others, according to The Hill:

Will, who left the Republican Party in June 2016 because he didn’t agree with Trump, now joins other NeverTrumpers who are on the outside looking in now that Trump is the President.

In addition to Will, Fox also parted company with conservative actress Stacey Dash, Republican strategist Ed Rollins, and veteran journalists Marvin Kalb and Cal Thomas.

One of the first replacements for the departed contributors will be former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who is a big supporter of Brexit and President Trump, and about whom Trump tweeted in November that he thought would make a great British ambassador to the U.S.

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