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chris matthews and michael steele

During a discussion of economic policy on MSNBC’s Hardball Tuesday night, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele called out host Chris Matthews and guest Joan Walsh from for being dismissive of Republican ideas, and being unwilling to have a legitimate discussion of the issues:

Just one last thing I want to say here. It doesn’t matter what Republicans say. It doesn’t  matter what  Republicans do. Because the likes of Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh will pick it apart. You can’t even have the discussion. You immediately dismiss it out of hand—oh well that didn’t work then it’s not going to work now. So I say to conservatives out there—put your best shot in play, do what you need to do to convince the American people that your arguments are right and move forward from there.

Steele, who is an MSNBC political commentator, rarely puts up much of a fight when appearing on Hardball. But last night he apparently got fed up enough with Matthews’ criticism of Republican economic plans to go on the attack, much to the dismay of both Matthews and Walsh, who appeared to be shocked by Steele’s sudden burst of feistiness. They quickly tried to deflect the criticism rather than answer it.

Matthews, who specializes in one-sided attacks on conservatives and Republicans, isn’t interested in a fair discussion—just ones that bolster his liberal-left viewpoint.

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