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Former NYT Executive Editor: Hillary is “Unrealistic” to Expect Journalists to Back Her “100 Percent”

Jill Abramson [1]

Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson told Politico [2] last week that Hillary Clinton was unrealistic about her expectations that journalists should be ”100 percent” in her corner.

Abramson, who was abruptly fired two months ago, said that she found Hillary to be very friendly and helpful as a source when Bill was running for governor in 1978, but things changed once she became first lady:

Hillary is incredibly unrealistic about journalists. She expects you to be 100 percent in her corner, especially women journalists. She got angry with me because when I became the top-ranking woman at The New York Times, she thought I should be loyal. An editor is going to be independent, always.

But given the media’s liberal bias, Hillary’s expectations are probably not that far off the mark.

Even though she was hammered by some in the media for her remarks about her family being “dead broke” after leaving the White House—while having earned an estimated $100 million since that time—the media are still very favorably disposed towards the Clintons. That is especially true about Bill, but they will almost certainly embrace Hillary if she runs for president in 2016.

Maybe the media aren’t 100 percent in her corner right now, but she still has time to work on her message to convince them she’s ready to run. Most likely, however, had Abramson not been fired, she would have been one of those journalists firmly in Hillary’s corner from the start.