Accuracy in Media

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean, appearing on CNBC, reinforced the notion that the Obama campaign is out of touch with reality when he said that “by every measure our economy is getting stronger,” despite government reports showing exactly the opposite.

Dean admitted that the economy may not be growing as fast as we want, but he said it’s doing just fine.

That’s what the Obama campaign wants voters to believe, but government statistics released last week paint a very different picture.

Home sales fell 5.4% from May to June to a seasonally adjusted 4.37 million units, which is well below the six million homes that most economists consider to be a healthy number.

Factory production in theĀ  Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia region declined for the third consecutive month and remains in recessionary territory.

Finally, the Conference Board’s index of leading economic indicators fell 0.3 percent in June after rising 0.4 percent in May and declining 0.1 percent in April, showing that the economy has stalled, at best, and could even be headed into another recession.

And yet Dean has the audacity to appear on national television and tell viewers that everything is fine when clearly it isn’t, and he knows it.

Just another day at the office for the Obama campaign.

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