Accuracy in Media

In an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, former Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) said that there is a campaign on the Hill, by the media and academia, to discredit Donald Trump as well as the people around him. Webb lamented that the Democratic Party has moved “very far to the left.”

“Well, you know, there is a campaign going on on the Hill, in the media, in the academia to personally discredit not only Donald Trump but the people who are around him. And, you know, the end result of this really is try and to slow down the process, by the way. You and I were talking a minute ago about the confirmation process, it’s slow it down so that by ’18 when the Democrats are very vulnerable particularly in the Senate they will not be a record of accomplishment that they can run against.

And at the same time the Democratic Party over the past five or six years has moved very far to the left. You know, when you can’t have a Jefferson/Jackson dinner which was the primary, you know, celebratory event of the Democratic Party for years because Jefferson and Jackson were slaveholders, they were also great American in their day, something just different has happened to the Democratic Party.”

The media’s campaign against Trump has included spreading fake news—which has proliferated since the election—as well as showing a general disdain for the President, his policies and his cabinet, which comes through loud and clear in their reporting.

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