Accuracy in Media

We all know traveling by air has become even more inconvenient after last week’s terror plot was foiled and new restrictions on liquids were imposed at airports. 

Now comes a story from the Associated Press that mentions a Homeland Security Department report from April 2005 entitled,  “Systems Engineering Study of Civil Aviation Security Phase I,”  which concludes that images on X-ray machines don’t provide the information necessary to detect explosives.  So the new requirement to have shoes pass through the X-ray machine really doesn’t help. 

The AP reported that a Homeland Security spokeswoman said the new procedures will make the screening process more efficient and less confusing.  Or in other words it is to give passengers a false sense of security.

With the failure of equipment now in place to detect liquid explosives and with all the body searches and clothing that has to be removed it actually may be easier to fly naked.  Ridiculous?  Maybe.

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