Accuracy in Media

The liberal media smells blood and is going full force in joining the democrats in calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation over the Abu Ghraib prison “scandal”.  The real scandal is how the media have blown this episode out of proportion.

The vast majority of prisoners have been treated fairly and live under very humane conditions. (See Cliff Kincaids blog). Compare this overall treatment with what happened to prisoners under Saddam’s rule.  Most never survived but a short while.  Yet, to most Americans watching the news on television or reading their newspaper you would think that prisoner abuse is widespread and that it was endorsed by the military.  To lay the blame on Rumsfeld is ludicrous.

Unfortunately for us, their is no governing body when it come to the media and their reporting and once they report something even if it is grossly inaccurate or biased their is very little recourse for the accused. 

As this incident and the war coverage as a whole has shown, we need to hold the media more accountable for its actions and not let them get away with distorting the truth.

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