Accuracy in Media

The illegal immigration problem in Montgomery County Maryland is easing somewhat but only because the police are reluctantly enforcing the law. 

Starting in 2003, immigration officials have been entering the names of people who have failed to appear at immigration hearings or are wanted on criminal arrest warrants into the National Crime Information Center’s database.  The database is searched every time the police run a routine check for warrants after a traffic stop, civilian detainers often pop up forcing the police to arrest the offender.

While this may sound like a very straightforward and proper procedure, the police are actually worried that arresting illegal aliens for missing an immigration hearing or some other offense reduces the trust they have built up with the illegal alien community. They believe that this reduction in trust has and will lead to fewer crimes that are committed against illegal aliens being reported even though there isn’t any hard evidence to show that this is happening.

Kim Propeack, director of community action at immigrant advocacy group Casa of Maryland in Silver Spring., told the Gazette newspaper which covers local county news that ‘‘These are people who haven’t broken any laws other than getting a traffic ticket, and they’re being arrested and taken to jail,.” and that the police should ignore the federal detainers.  I guess that entering this country without proper documentation and missing an immigration hearing, isn’t a crime in Ms. Propeack’s book. 

Propeack also makes it seem that illegal aliens are only receiving traffic tickets, yet many illegal aliens are driving without licenses, or on suspended licenses and don’t have the required insurance which is a public safety issue on top of the immigration issue.

For some reason the police seem to be more concerned with the feelings of immigrants rather than enforcing the laws they are sworn to uphold. In reality the enforcement of federal detainers will have a very minimal impact on the illegal immigration problem , but is a step in the right direction in controlling the influx of illegal aliens into the county.  And thanks to political correctness the police and the media have largely ignored the impact illegal immigration has on the crime rate and the increase in gang activity which has become problematic in the county. 

To further cloud the issue, the mainstream media has decided to turn immigration into an emotional issue by portraying the families of those facing deportation as innocent victims of an unfeeling government rather than discussing the fact that they entered the country illegally.

The police should just enforce the law and remember that this is the United States of America.

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