Accuracy in Media

According to the Wall Street Journal the Dixie Chicks concert tour due to start on July 21st is in trouble in the U.S.  The paper reported that almost half of the 42 scheduled dates are being postponed due to poor ticket sales. 

As I mentioned in a previous post although their new album continues to sell briskly, the sales are off the pace set by their last album as well as others being launched by big name country bands. 

Their downfall began with lead singer Natalie Maines’s 2003 comment that band was “ashamed”  that President Bush was from Texas.  They didn’t help things by dissing their country base by calling them rednecks in a recent Time magazine article and then topped it off by changing their musical style to appeal to a broader audience.

So while they fritter away their U.S. audience with boneheaded statements and artistic mistakes they have gained a larger international audience, not for their music but for their politics in countries where the Iraq War is unpopular.

Maybe they can make Cindy Sheehan their warm up act ( I don’t know if she sings, but she is pathetically comical)  and do everyone a favor by staying out of the country.

Based on the concert ticket sales here they aren’t exactly missed.

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