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Facebook Adds “Community Reviewers” to Help Identify Fake News

Social media behemoth Facebook which has been plagued by fake news content posted by its users is stepping up its efforts to identify and remove the misleading posts faster.

Facebook announced in a blog [1] post that it is piloting a program that will employ what they are calling “community reviewers” to research questionable posts and share their findings with the thrid-party fact-checkers the company uses to help review content posted on Facebook. These reviewers will be contractors hired through one of Facebook’s partners and will not be company employees.

Here’s how it will work: 

Facebook is partnering with YouGov, a global public opinion and data company to ensure that the community reviewer pool is representative of the Facebook community in the U.S. and reflects the diverse viewpoints — including political ideology — of Facebook users.

The company said that by combining the expertise of third-party fact-checkers with a group of community-based reviewers, they believe that they can evaluate misinformation faster and make even more progress reducing its prevalence on Facebook.