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Ezekiel Emanuel, the chief architect behind the Affordable Care Act, declared on MSNBC this morning that enrollments are surging, and that after a terrible start the website had “no problem” handling all the last minute applications. But that boast was undone when he was told that the site had crashed:

Notice with this big surge, no problem with the website. It’s actually working. So that is, I think, another real surprise, that they really have the website working mechanically in terms of server capacity and all of that.

Not so fast Ezekiel.

Willie Geist told Emanuel that in fact the heavy traffic had crashed the website last night, which appeared to catch him off-guard.

“Yesterday I logged on at 10 p.m.!” Emanuel said.

“You got there early,” Geist said. “It’s down.”

Emanuel also praised the Connecticut health exchange for being so good that they will be selling their technology to Maryland. But he left out the fact that the reason Maryland is buying the system is that they are scrapping their failed exchange, after spending $125 million.

Not surprisingly, no one on the panel pointed out the problem in Maryland.

The administration is likely to fall short of their goal of seven million enrollees. Even if they come close, questions remain as to how many of the enrollees previously had insurance and how many had paid for their policies—numbers that the White House says they don’t have and which the mainstream media aren’t pressing too hard to obtain.

The Obama administration will undoubtedly pull out all the stops to try and reach their enrollment goal, and the media will play along for the most part as they try to blunt the damage Obamacare is doing to the Democrats’ re-election chances in November.

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