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The liberal Bush bashing organization held a demonstration in front of the White House yesterday blaming the president for the slow response to Katrina and indirectly accusing him of being responsible for the levee breaks. Out of a crowd of about 100 people the organization managed to find three hurricane survivors to demand a meeting with the president. Shades of Cindy Sheehan. If this was such a grass roots demonstration then why were there only three victims?  There are hundreds being housed in D.C.  Maybe it has somethiong to do with people who actually need to put their lives back together and won’t  serve as pawns in someone else’s political agenda.  Well, all but three. 

There were definitely problems in the aftermath of the hurricane. Not all the blame can be laid upon federal officials and knows this. It has been widely publicized. Yet in their zeal to continue their anti-war and ant-Bush agenda they chose to use the victims of Katrina to divide American opinion. Fortunately most people are too focused on actually helping the victims with their time, money and supplies to pay much attention to this shameless attempt to pin the blame on the president.

If you haven’t made a contribution to aid the hurricane victims, please do so.  If you wish to donate through Accuracy In Media I will personally match your contribution at fifty cents to the dollar up to a total of $500.00

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