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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden raised more than a few eyebrows in the media after playing a popular song at a campaign event in Miami.

Biden was appearing at an event commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month when he walked up to the podium and pulled out his phone.

“I just have one thing to say,” Biden said. “Hang on here.”

Holding the phone to the microphone, he began to play the 2017 song ‘Despacito’ written by Luis Fonsi, who had spoken earlier, bobbing his head to the music and dancing briefly behind the podium. Biden stopped after about 15 seconds telling the audience “I’ll tell you what — if I had the talent of any one of these people, I’d be elected president by acclamation.”

The reaction on Twitter was swift with CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe tweeting, “Oh my. Joe Biden whips out his cellphone and plays “Depacito.”‘

Even though many in the media found the tactic cringeworthy, they didn’t call Biden out for blatant pandering to a Hispanic audience, which they would have done in a heartbeat had it been a Republican who had done the same thing.

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