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The Internet has claimed another victim—this time a conservative one in the form of Human Events, which announced this week that after 69 years it would no longer exist as a print publication.

human eventsEagle Publishing, which purchased the paper in 1993, could no longer justify printing a weekly paper for just 40,000 subscribers, down from over 70,000 before the Internet started to siphon away its readers.

Human Events has a long and storied history, having been started in 1944 by some of the biggest names of that time in the conservative movement: former Washington Post editor Felix Morley, journalist Frank Hanighen, and publisher Henry Regnery, whose Regnery-Gateway book publishing company is also now owned by Eagle Publishing.

It is a sad end for a paper that Ronald Reagan said had “helped me stop being a liberal Democrat,” and which biographer Richard Reeves said was Reagan’s “favorite reading for years.”

For now Human Events will continue to live on via the Internet where it has attracted a large base of readers, which should make it attractive to other online conservative sites that want to expand their base and capitalize on the Human Events name.

Human Events may be gone, but it will not be forgotten.

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