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CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott, who was suspended last week after tweeting her disappointment with the House vote on Syrian refugees, is now in more hot water. Just released emails have revealed that she worked with an aide to Hillary Clinton to discredit Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for his tough questioning of the then-secretary of state during a Benghazi hearing in 2013.

There were a series of emails between the aide, Philippe Reines, and Labott on this and other issues including one where Reines even suggested a tweet for Labott.

“Nice doing business with you. You should Tweet something like ‘Feb 1st looking like Hillary’s last day’ and link to the story,” he wrote.

“That will drive your colleagues nuts,” Reines added.

In response to the emails, Sen. Paul’s chief strategist, Doug Stafford, has issued a statement, blasting the liberal media:

The liberal media has taken their Clinton sycophancy to a new low. CNN needs to address this bias and lack of journalistic integrity. This email revelation should give Republicans pause as to their coverage and possibility of fair treatment towards Sen. Paul during the next debate. All eyes will be on CNN’s response to their employee colluding with Hillary Clinton in order to attack a prominent U.S. senator on their dime.

The emails reveal that Labott’s Syrian refugee tweet, for which she was suspended, was not an aberration but rather further confirmation that she is nothing more than a shill for the Democrats, masquerading as a reporter.

Labott apologized for the refugee tweet and hasn’t tweeted since, but this latest revelation should lead to her permanent suspension from CNN.

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