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Elizabeth Edwards who is a health care advisor to Barack Obama told an audience at G.W. University that she isn’t 100% behind his health care plan.

From the D.C. Examiner

Politics is full of compromises, right?

Well, consider this example: Elizabeth Edwards – wife of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and currently a health care advisor to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign – isn’t 100% behind the Democratic nominee’s health care plan.

“We’re on the verge of an Obama Presidency,” said Edwards at George
Washington University Monday night, and “I’m not that fond of his
plan.” Edwards complained that Obama – like his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain—views healthcare as a commodity, rather than a human right. Still,
Edwards called the plan a step in the right direction – despite its
lack of a “mandate for universality” – and said it wouldn’t scare
people and politicians as had the Clinton administration’s attempt in

However, Edwards’ critique of Obama’s plan doesn’t mean that she’s
saving any love for McCain’s health care proposals. Edwards – who has
battled breast cancer since 2004 – said McCain’s plan fails in all
important areas by leaving the decision-making process up to
individuals, who can frequently “make stupid economics decisions.”

She probably isn’t too fond of his tax plan either.


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