Accuracy in Media

Armatage Elementary school in south Miineapolis has become a no touching zone after the principal said she received numerous complaints from students and parents about children being touched aggressively.

This is no mere policy about pushing and shoving and inappropriate contact but stretches to banning games like tag and touch football.  I assume this also extends to softball and baseball where a player sometimes needs to be tagged out.  What about basketball where gurading the opponent may mean a hand check or other contact when chasing after a loose ball? 

While the principal Joan Franks claims support from most of the parents not all of them are happy about the decision particularly since it was instituted without any consultation with them. 

One parent  Jamie Henriksen interviewed by the Minnapolis Star-Tribune told the paper that kids shouldn’t be afraid to play with each other.  She has two boys and said that they could be hugging one moment and wrestling the next.  After all they are boys. 

It wasn’t clear though how the school was going to enforce the rule.  If anyone has observed recess periods at elementary schools they tend to be quite chaotic with kids running and playing all over the place.  There aren’t enough adults to watch what can be hundreds of children in an open air environmment.  So how they will police this will be anyone’s guess.

Of course in this politically correct world and with the government always eager to watch us ever more closely perhaps the school can intstall playground cameras and when offenders are spotted a photo can be sent to their home along with a suspension notice.  Don’t laugh, with policies such as the no touch rule this idea probably won’t be far behind.


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