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On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz offered his opinion of the launch of the Obamacare health care exchanges this week, saying that “there are no glitches,” and blaming reports of problems on Fox News Channel and the Republican Party:

There are no glitches! There are no glitches! If you opened up a restaurant and you couldn’t feed anybody because there were too many people that got in early, and you just couldn’t handle the line, do you think the manager of the restaurant is going to go back and chew out the staff because the response was overwhelming? I think they would probably call that a good night at the office. But of course, Fox News and the Republicans, they call that a glitch.

Schultz must not be watching his own network, because then he would have seen MSNBC anchor Mara Schiavocampo report on Tuesday that she had a lot of trouble signing up for Obamacare and eventually gave up after spending 30 minutes on hold with a help line.

John Sanders of Kaukauna, Wisconsin told  USA Today that he signed up on the exchange website three weeks ago, but ran into problems on Tuesday, calling the launch “reckless at best. I will not accept the ‘heavy traffic’ argument. What else would be expected on the national launch date?”

After all, they only had three years to prepare.

Even President Obama admitted to NPR on Tuesday that there were some glitches, blowing up Schultz’s fantasy world that Obamacare is a huge success, and that Fox News was responsible for highlighting the problems.

No wonder MSNBC is struggling in the ratings.

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