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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, whose praise earlier this week of Rick Santorum lit up the liberal blogosphere, fired back with a video telling his critics to “Shut Up.”

Schultz: Alright, folks. Let’s have a conversation, okay? Alright, so last night, I’m on the coverage on MSNBC and all of a sudden I start getting all of these tweets from liberals who think that I am eating Santorum’s salad, or I’m a turncoat, and e-mails are coming in, “Ed, blah blah blah blah blah.” Shut up!

Schultz went on to explain that all he was doing was trying to look at Santorum in an objective fashion (a first) and that he felt that the GOP hopeful had the same political skills as President Obama .

For hard-core liberals though, hearing Schultz praise a Republican, and a conservative to boot no matter what the reason, was too much for them to handle. So they let him have it, which irked Schultz to no end.

Schultz: But I’m going to tell you, it kind-of pissed me off.  Now look, are we at the point now where on The Ed Show I can’t go out and do an objective story because there might be some people out there that think, “Ooh. Ed’s a turncoat?” You know, come on. Is it under my skin? No. It’s not under my skin, but I just want to set the record straight that, you know, you’re totally wrong to the point that it’s almost kind-of comical. But, I just thought I’d have some communication with you wonderful people about that.

Even though he said the criticism didn’t get under his skin, it clearly did, otherwise why would he make a video to defend his comments?

Schultz may try to come across as a tough-guy liberal, but in reality he is just another thin-skinned lefty.

Here are his original comments:

And his response.

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