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Politico reports that liberal MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz shot a network promo at a non-union shipyard.

Workers at Colanna’s Shipyard in Norfolk, VA, which bills itself as the oldest family-owned, private shipyard in the U.S., were surprised to see Ed Schultz, Spike Lee and an entourage of about 50 people appear on site Wednesday to shoot the next set of promos for MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign.

“We are not a union yard,” a shipyard executive told POLITICO. “Never have been. Don’t want to be…Ed Schultz and this shipyard just don’t match.”

Norfolk was chosen because it’s Schultz’s hometown. Other locations for the promo shoot included Schultz’s high school, a Ford factory that shut down a few years ago, and Doumar’s, an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant famous for its barbeque sandwiches and waffle cones.

According to local station WAVY-TV, the unscripted, documentary-style ads will focus on “jobs, outsourcing and unions.”

Tanya Hayre, director of media relations at MNSBC and NBC, said the crew was not aware of the shipyard’s union status.

“It was a last-minute decision to shoot at the shipyard and our crew was not aware of its employment policies,” she said.

The assumption being because it was a shipyard it must be unionized of course.

Somehow I don’t think that promo will actually make it on the air lest the non-union workers remind Schultz that they aren’t on the same political wavelength.

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