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Normally one would expect that when attending a Catholic university that that the school would follow the teachings of the church on issues of abortion, homosexuality etc? That’s what Duquesne University student Ryan Miner certainly thought. So when some students started a movement to form a Gay Straight Alliance club Miner took action. According to the school newspaper the Duke he posted anti-gay remarks on the website which is very popular with students across the country. Just his opinion, no threats.

The University received some complaints about the posting and quickly brought Miner before the Office of Judicial Affairs where he was found guilty of violating the harassment clause of the university’s code of conduct which extends to “off-campus conduct that adversely affects the University community and/or pursuits of its objective and Mission.” He was then ordered to write a 10-page “expository of the viewpoints both for and against homosexuality,” which he has refused to do on the grounds that since Duquesne is a Catholic institution it shouldn’t be promoting “this gay agenda.”  What ever happened to free speech?  Does the university monitor students personal web sites and blogs?

The harassment charge is bogus as Miner made the posting on a public web site that wasn’t connected to the university. Does he have a right to be upset with the possible formation of a pro homosexual club? As a good Catholic sure he does. Should he have been surprised to see this occur at his school? Not if he had been reading the series of articles written by Accuracy in Academia’s executive director Mal Kline on Catholics In Name Only schools where he has highlighted yet another disturbing trend in higher education.

Hopefully Miner will win his case on appeal. If not the thought police will claimed yet another victim.

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