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Former Democratic National Chairwoman Donna Brazile told ABC News’ Brad Mielke that there was “no evidence that Democratic primaries were rigged” instead calling what she found a “cancer ”that was “very dangerous” at the time.

Mielke was interviewing Brazile about her new book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House” when he questioned her about the widely-reported rigging charge, that she has since backed off of.

Mileke: I’m just looking at a quote from the book that says you look at whether the team rigged the party process, you said you needed to have solid proof, and then a few sentences later you said “I made the call to Bernie, I found my proof and that broke my heart.”

So you wanted to know if it was rigged, you looked for proof, you found that proof, so it was rigged yeah?

Brazile: I found the proof that there was cancer. And that cancer in my judgment was very dangerous  because at a time we should—the Democratic Party should have been impartial, the Democratic Party should have had control over its own finances. Buts as a result of the memorandum of understanding, the Democratic Party was basically under agreement with the Clinton campaign to hire staff in certain departments and invest in certain technologies and research which I thought should not have been done.

Mielke chose to let Brazile off the hook at the point.

Brazile has spent the week trying to walk back her “rigging” comments from her book after Democrats blasted her for exposing one of oft-repeated charges by Bernie Sanders supporters that he was never given a fair chance of winning the nomination because the Clinton campaign and the DNC wanted to ensure that Hillary would emerge as their standard bearer in 2016.




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