Accuracy in Media

With the upcoming confirmation hearings for John Roberts to the Supreme Court a soon to be released study seems particularly timely.

The Georgetown Law Journal studied 11 years of federal campaign records reflecting contributions of law professors at the top 21 law schools as rand by U.S. News & World Report. What the Journal found was that almost one third of the professors make political contributions. Of those that gave $200 or more, 81 % went to Democrats and just 15% went to Republican candidates. At Harvard the Dems received 91 % and at Yale 94%! It makes you wonder how Justices Scalia and Thomas made it out of those schools with their intellect intact.

The results of this study are not unusual in academia though. In a study conducted by The Leadership Institute on the 2004 campaign the numbers were even more lopsided when they included all employees of the top colleges and universities.

These studies stand as reminders that liberalism and more importantly indoctrination are alive and well despite conservatives best efforts. I know this because when I asked a friend of mine from Utah who will be graduating from law school next year at American University about the Georgetown study he said “In my own experience I feel that law school has made me lean a little more left, particularly regarding some social issues,” and further notes “there is a sense in law school about trying to help the “little guy” to ensure that he gets justice just like the big guy.”

Maybe we can establish a re-education camp for wayward conservative law students.

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