Accuracy in Media

The next battle ground over immigration may be fought in the public libraries. In a growing trend libraries across the country are adding Spanish language materials to their collections to reflect the growing population of Spanish speaking residents.

This trend has caught the interest of Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) who recently questioned whether or not Denver was considering converting to some Spanish only branches or spending money on Spanish language material at the expense of English language material. The mayor assured Tancredo there were no plans to do this, but one has to wonder what the future holds in a city that has seen the Spanish language population triple since 1990 due largely to an increase in Mexican immigrants whose legal status is uncertain.

I can see it now. All public schools will now start distributing lessons, tests and textbooks in the language of your choice. There will be no need to learn English. I am sure the Mexican government and even the EU (especially Jacques Chirac) will want to reciprocate and provide the same type of materials for our students and expatriates so they won?t have to struggle while in their countries.

If you think that is a ridiculous notion, just think about how much material is now translated into multiple languages, mostly Spanish and it won?t seem so far fetched after all.

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