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Former 60 Minutes Producer Don Hewitt was interviewed on the “O”Reilly Factor” last night and had a few choice comments on the “Rathergate” situation.

O’Reilly asked Hewitt whether or not this would have happened on his watch and Hewitt replied “No, I would have told Dan rather what John McCain told John Kerry, Vietnam is a loser, don’t even go near it” He then said it was no crime that Bush’s father got him out of Vietnam, and mentioned Clinton going to Oxford. Hewitt also said “I don’t know what the big deal is?” in reference to deferments.

When asked about whether Rather should have known about the validity of the story, Hewitt sighed and said “When you get to be you or me or Dan Rather you had better know that or what are we doing on the air?”

Hewitt went on to express some sympathy for Rather, but when O”Reilly said that he believed that Dan wanted this story to even out the Swift Boat story, he said “But it’s not our job to even out or anything, our job is to report.” Hewitt then said “Here’s the problem, do you put him (Rather) on the air on election night with this cloud hanging over his him” So O’Reilly asked him if he would put him on the air and Hewitt replied that “Boy that’s an agonizing decision, I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision.”

Not exactly a vote of confidence for Dan.

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