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Just as I was about to publish this blogpost with a different headline, I saw this headline from MSNBC—“Disgraced Fox News exec Roger Ailes to help Trump”—and decided to parrot it.

Brian Williams, the disgraced former anchor of NBC Nightly News, will be getting his own half-hour show on MSNBC from Labor Day through Election Day, according to CNN.

The show will be a mix of news and analysis during the final weeks of the campaign and will air at 11 p.m., a slot currently occupied by reruns of All In With Chris Hayes, and it may even provide a little ratings boost as a result.

The network isn’t committing to anything beyond the two-month time span, but there is little doubt that they have been trying to find a way to resurrect Williams’ career with the least amount of controversy.

Williams, who anchored NBC Nightly News for 10 years, lost his job after an NBC News investigation found numerous instances in which he greatly exaggerated and made up facts in his reporting.

After serving a six-month suspension Williams was given the role as a breaking news anchor at MSNBC, and was otherwise banned from appearing on NBC.

If all goes well, don’t be surprised to see Williams get his own show in primetime in the not too distant future.

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