Accuracy in Media

The mainstream media is all agog over claims by congressional Democrats that they were called names and spat upon as they walked byTea Party protestors yesterday on Capitol Hill.  Yet as this video shows there appears to be no evidence that this did indeed occur calling into question the accuracy of the inital reports.


ABC News’ report on the incident showed Rep. Cleaver berating a protestor but no video evidence that he wa spat on.  Also they showed Barney Frank walking through a crowd and said that someone used the anti-gay F word though it wasn’t recorded on the video. 

Also the report shows Pelosi walking hand in hand with John Lewis as they went to vote comparing it to the civil rights marches of yore as if health care should be a part of the constitution. Was this a show or what?

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell repeated the charges without any video or audio evidence and interviewed Rep. Elijiah Cummings (R-MD) saying that the whole protest was orchestrated forgetting for a minute what his own Democrat colleagues had done on Saturday.

One question that needs to be asked is why these Reps were walking outside to begin with when they could have easily taken the undergorund tunnel.  One possible reason is that they were looking to get a reaction from the crowd and when that didn’t occur they manufactured one. 

Maybe there is some video footage corroborating the Democrats charges, but until it surfaces the mainstream press should make it clear to the public that this is only hearsay at best and reflects their own bias against the Tea Party movement.



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