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Diane Sawyer Evades Kalb’s Fox News Trap

ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer admitted to watching Fox News and managed to evade veteran reporter Marvin Kalb’s attempts to get her to criticize the top ranked cable news channel.

The program, “Diane Sawyer: A Life in News,” kicked off  the International Conference of Women Media Leaders [1], a week-long gathering that was being sponsored by the  George Washington University Global Media Institute and the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF).

Kalb, who spent 3o years reporting for NBC News and CBS News, now hosts The Kalb Report which is sponsored by the Shorenstein Center and George Washington University, and with the Sawyer interview wrapped up its 17th season.

The interview, which covered a wide range of topics, eventually got around to one of Kalb’s pet peeves which is mixing opinion and news. He tried to goad Sawyer into criticizing one of his favorite targets, Fox News, but she refused to bite:

MARVIN KALB: Oh, it’s fascinating. In this whole new world of communication, there is Fox News. I was just wondering what you thought of Fox News?

DIANE SAWYER: You know, I watch Fox News. I watch Fox News, I watch MSNBC, too, I watch CNN. I am going to be in rehab for serial news watching some day. I’ll have to go to some Betty Ford wing someday and cure myself. But I think that, again, I think you can learn so much from the excitement of the people on Fox News, about what they’re telling you and about what they are bringing to every story. And I think the American people are enormously smart and they are enormously collectively so discerning about making their own judgments as they move from MSNBC, as they move to Fox News as well.

And I just don’t think ideas can be labeled with the people who hold them on any spectrum. I think people can make their mind up about ideas. And I do think that people who hear something are surrounded by a lot of information and can check it in a lot of ways we couldn’t even check things before.

MARVIN KALB: Diane, that’s the–

DIANE SAWYER: So I am not going to– I am a full– I’m not kidding. I am a universal watcher and I learn. I learn.

MARVIN KALB: It is a noble sentiment on your part, and I applaud it completely

DIANE SAWYER: Do you not watch?

MARVIN KALB: I watch it all the time. I get up in the morning, go to bed, I’m constantly– I’m in Fox. No, I’m just kidding. What I’m getting at is not really so much Fox News as it is opinion in the world of news and that you have a stunningly upbeat–

DIANE SAWYER: But don’t you think people know when they’re getting opinion in the world of news?

MARVIN KALB: And getting news and they get the distinction between the two?

DIANE SAWYER: I think they know, I think they know. And I think people like to be challenged. And just as you like to be challenged by someone at a dinner table who has a contrary opinion, you like to say, “I couldn’t disagree with you more. I can’t believe you said that.” And that’s also, as Socrates might have said, that’s how we learn, too.

Thank you Diane Sawyer for educating Kalb.

Kalb like most liberals thinks that the public is too stupid to be able to tell the difference between news and opinion but Sawyer thinks differently.

If anything the public is now smarter after decades of the mainstream media reporting opinion as news and that’s what drives liberals like Kalb crazy. Because now that the public isn’t swallowing everything the liberal media is telling them, hook, line and sinker, they have lost their ability to mold public opinion in their image.

Score this one Public 1, Liberals 0.