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Democrats are accusing Republicans of rooting against America after criticizing the administration over another poor jobs report and expressing joy at the rejection of Chicago as an Olympics venue.

From the Politico

During the Bush era, Republicans from Karl Rove to Joe Wilson questioned — in ways both veiled and overt — the patriotism of Democrats who challenged the administration’s Iraq policy, pre-war intelligence and surveillance programs.


But the joyous reaction in some GOP quarters to the International Olympics Committee’s snub of Chicago — coupled with the party’s rapid-fire reaction to bad economic data – has some Democrats turning the tables and asking if Republicans are the ones cheering against America now.


Many Democrats saw the outbursts following the IOC decision – the merry Tweets, videos of cheering conservatives and chest-thumping by party leaders like Newt Gingrich — as part of larger pattern that includes the flirtation of right-wing Texans like Gov. Rick Perry with secession and the caustic tone of right-wing talk radio, embodied by Rush Limbaugh’s “I want him to fail” comment about Obama in January.


“Some of these people are starting to put politics first and country second,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, taking particular issue with Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.


“The American people are starting to wonder if they are rooting against America,” he added.


Two influential progressive spokesmen, Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall and Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos, hit that theme hard last week, with Marshall musing, “I wonder if right-wingers would be less stoked if Chicago were part of America.”


Moulitsas was more blunt. “So when did wingnuts start cheering against America? Their unbridled joy at losing out to Brazil is a bit unseemly, isn’t it?” he asked, adding: “America, f—- yeah!” has become “F—- America, Yeah!”


Republicans say this is all nonsense, and that liberals are exaggerating the importance of reactions by a handful of hard-liners to distract attention from legitimate criticism of big-government Democratic policies.


Trying to compare what Republicans said about the Democrats about the Iraq war strategy to that of an unemployment report or the Olympics is mixing apples and oranges. 

Now that someone dares to criticize the president for making an unprecendented pitch for the Olympics while major parts of his legilsative agenda wallow at home or the fact that the unemployment report continues to hit 26 -year old lows that’s un-American? 

Getting the Olympics would have been nice boost for Chicago and th U.S. but it certainly isn’t what concerns Americans the most.  As for the jobs report that’s definitely something that the Democrats wish they could ignore for now but can’t and rather than deal with the failures of the Obama administration they have resorted to questioning their opponents patriotism.

If the Democrats thought they were rallying support for ther side they have miscalculated and have only added fuel to the fire and the ire of conservatives and Republicans.


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