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If the voters in Maryland feel like that they have been scammed they’re right.  One of the campaign issues in last years Maryland gubernatorial race was the surge in residential energy prices after years of artificially low rates.

The below market rates were a result of a Democratically controlled state legislature enacting rate caps and usurping the authority of the Public Service Commission.  When the caps expired last summer, prices soared to reflect market realities and the Democrats seized on this as a campaign issue.  Never mind that the Democrats created this problem, since energy prices were going up under a Republican administration they would pin the blame squarely on the then governor Bob Ehrlich.

While this issue alone didn’t result in a Democratic victory in Maryland in November it certainly didn’t hurt.

Now that Democrat Martin O’Malley is firmly in charge of the Public Service Commission which regulates rates, he has nowhere to hide after the commission announced yesterday that they could do little to stop another increase this year of up to 50%.  At least it’s lower than last years 72% increase that the legislature ratcheted down to 15% which only delayed the inevitable.

As the now Democratically dominated commission chairman Steven B. Larsen told The Washington Post “At the end of the day, we’re bound by the facts and the law that were presented to us.”  Isn’t that the very same law the previous commission was bound by and that Democrats screamed about? 

And what about O’Malley’s statement during the campaign when he accused the commission of “rubberstamping” the utilities request for an increase?

For Maryland voters that believed that higher energy prices was some sort of republican plot and that then Governor Ehrlich was culpable because he appointed the commission members all I can say is remember the deception of former governor Parris Glendenning and recite the words “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” 

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