Accuracy in Media

It used to be that the Democrats were known as the party of big spending and the Republicans were for smaller government and lower taxes. Well at least the Republicans are still for lower taxes (I think).

Now comes House Majority Leader Tom DeLay declaring an “ongoing victory” in the battle to trim spending and that there was simply no fat left to cut in the federal budget. The statement is actually not as ludicrous as it sounds since he was referring to spending offsets and according to him nobody was bringing him any. It is disingenuous though as congress isn’t exactly known for proposing spending cuts, especially if it affects their state or district.

As for “ongoing victory” is he referring to the recently passed highway bill? The cost of this legislation is $286.4 billion dollars. It contains provisions for over 6,000 pet projects including $2.3 million for landscaping along the Ronald Reagan Freeway in California. This is the polar opposite of what Reagan believed in. While this may sound bad, it actually is a victory because the numbers being bandied about during the debate on the bill reached as high as $400 billion. So I guess the Republicans saved the taxpayers $114 billion. Thanks. The President is also responsible since he signed it even though it was $30 billion more than he wanted. Does anyone have a spine?

Tom DeLay may be known as “The Hammer” but instead of hammering away at the budget he nailed the American taxpayers.

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