Accuracy in Media

I was driving home the other night when I had an encounter with a deer. It happened so fast that I didn’t have any time to avoid hitting the animal. Needless to say the deer lost the encounter with my car. Thank goodness that the only damage I suffered was to my car. The damage; $2600 of which my insurance company will pay all but $50. I am sure I will be paying more for insurance next year. So now I have joined the legions of people in my area as well as across the country that have sustained damage and in some cases died from accidents caused by deer.

 When I was growing up it was rare to see a deer in the suburbs. Now they are everywhere making driving extra hazardous at night. They also love to come into gardens and eat everything they can find and usually leave a little “present” or two as well. This problem has become worse not mainly because of development, but because animal rights activists have successfully managed to prevent any type of thinning of the herd.

Several years ago in Gaithersburg, Maryland an attempt was made to thin the deer population which was wreaking havoc to homeowners and drivers alike. This was going to be a safe controlled hunt in a specified area, but thanks to PETA, they city was forced to spend thousands of dollars to airlift the deer via helicopter to a more rural area. That really helped the situation.

We are now in a period where the life of an animal, be it deer or Canadian geese takes precedence over the life of a human being.  Time to wear my version of the PETA shirt.

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