Accuracy in Media

Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean is woried about Ralph Nader.  While Dean admires Nader he writes in today’s New York Times that voting for Ralph Nader or any other third party candidate for president. means a vote for a candidate who has no unrealistic chance of winning the White House.  He then cites what happened in the 2000 presidential campaign where thrid party candidates (including Nader) won more votes than the difference between Gore and Bush nationwide.

I always thought that the Democrats were progressive and strongly believed that people should vote for the candidate of their choice.  At least it seemed that way in 1992 when Ross Perot ran.  Where was the outrage then?  There wasn’t any because they knew Perot would siphon votes from Bush and could only help Clinton.  In 2000 the Democrats certainly didn’t benefit by Naders campaign, especially in Florida.  It’s interesting that Dean is so concerned about Nader because he never endorses John Kerry.  So who is Howard Dean really afraid of?  Send comments to (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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