Accuracy in Media

In the April 11th edition of The New York Times Magazine entitled ” What the World Need Now Is DDT” writer Tina Rosenberg makes the case for DDT use. DDT which was banned in 1972 in the U.S. is currently used in a handful of African nations to combat malaria. Where it is used the number of deaths caused by malaria have been greatly reduced or eradicated. Yet because of our banning of this pesticide it is very difficult if not impossible for most of the countries that need it to get funding to use it. The result says Rosenberg is that until it was overtaken by AIDS in 1999, it was Africa’s leading killer. One in twenty African children dies of malaria and of those that survive, many are brain damaged. Each year 300 to 500 million people worldwide get malaria.

These are startling statistics. Even more startling is the fact that The New York Times a bastion of liberalism, is reporting this. Maybe, just maybe the rest of the liberal media will take note and report the truth on DDT and help the world rid itself of this terrible disease.

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