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NBC’s Meet the Press host David Gregory found himself in hot water after he made a comment referring to the lack of a “Grand Wizard” during a discussion of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Gregory appeared on The Today Show and when asked by Ann Curry, “Does the party just wish he would go away?,” Gregory responded, “Well, there is no grand wizard in the party right now that can really force the issue.”

Curry failed to call Gregory out for his comment, but once again it wasn’t surprising considering he was talking about a black conservative and everyone knows that liberals can’t be racist.

But the conservative blogosphere felt a little differently about the remark and as a result of their action Gregory tweeted an apology later in the afternoon.

It’s a start, but since he made his initial comments on The Today Show he should make another appearance immediately and apologize on the air if he is really sincere, but I won’t hold my breath waiting.

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