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Former Meet the Press moderator David Gregory had some harsh words for his former colleagues in the media, saying that they don’t fight the political narrative because of their “laziness.”

Gregory made his remarks at the No Labels National Strategic Agenda meeting on Wednesday, which was his first public appearance since being unceremoniously dumped last month in favor of Chuck Todd:

Sometimes it is an over-simplification to talk about the speed of the news cycle — that is part of the problem. What it is is the attachment to narrative. In Washington political journalism the narrative gets set early and then it’s built on. Things that fight the narrative get harder to report out, often because of laziness in the media.

Gregory is right to a degree. The media often fail to fight the narrative, not just because of the 24/7 news cycle and laziness, but also because of their own liberal bias and disdain for fact checking.

Now that he has been liberated from NBC, Gregory is free to speak his mind. But conspicuous by its absence was any admission by Gregory that he was just as lazy as his former colleagues.

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