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Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather is shedding any pretense of objectivity with his program on the YouTube channel The Young Turks.

Rather’s program — The News With Dan Rather — is a 30-minute weekly show that is an “untraditional evening newscast” that will focus on stories Rather believes are not receiving the amount of attention they deserve.

“The format is designed to allow me to focus on substance,” Rather told CNN, saying it “will be raw” with “no bells and whistles.”

Rather, who is 86 years old, said he has nothing to lose by speaking his mind about certain topics–particularly about President Trump.

“At this age and stage in my life, my attitude is, ‘What the hell?’” Rather said. “I am not the smartest guy around and don’t know everything, but I have been blessed as a reporter and have seen a few things. And now I have moved to a different place. I want to contribute if I can.

“I feel strongly that when you have a president who is continually, relentlessly damning the press, individuals by name, individual institutions and calling the press the enemy of the people — listen, this has to be resisted,” he said.

Rather took issue with the notion that the media is reporting fake news.

“This is a time when everybody needs to be counted. I don’t want to be preachy about it, but we have a real responsibility, those of us in journalism and those of us who have experience in journalism, to do what we can. … These efforts to convince the public that people in the news are dealing in fake news is, quite frankly, bullshit.”

At the height of his career, Rather was seen by millions of people every weeknight. Now, with The Young Turks, he’d be lucky to garner 50,000 views every week.

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