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In keeping with recent custom, the D.C. Metrorail system is issuing commemorative presidential inaugural fare cards, with one difference—no picture or mention of Donald Trump.

The system featured pictures of President Obama for fare cards issued in 2009 and 2013, but are using a picture of the White House for Trump’s inauguration.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Metro said they tried, but failed, to obtain permission to use Trump’s photo.

“Metro requested permission to use a photo, but received no response from the campaign,” the agency said. “Due to the long lead time to produce the cards, the new pass commemorates the national celebration of the 58th Presidential Inauguration.”

That might be true, but it’s not clear exactly how hard Metro tried to get the Trump campaign’s permission to use a photo. Even if that is the case, why doesn’t Metro at least mention Trump’s name on the card?

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