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Just a few weeks after igniting a mini-firestorm over its decision to not include a picture of President-elect Donald Trump on their commemorative Inaugural farecards, the D.C. Metrorail system announced on Friday that they will issue a “sleeve” with Trump’s picture on it.

In addition to Trump’s photo, the sleeve will also include his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Metro hopes this appeases those who were upset with their decision to issue a commemorative card without Trump’s photo or name on it, choosing instead to feature the White House superimposed over an American flag.

After the original announcement, Metro considered reprinting the cards with Trump’s photo, but decided that it would be too costly to do so. The sleeve is their low-cost solution to the problem.

My question is, why couldn’t Metro print some new cards with Trump’s picture on it while still selling the original cards for those who want an inaugural souvenir—or discounted transportation for the day—but aren’t Trump supporters?  They might even sell more farecards overall for people who want both versions, and make more money since not everyone will actually use their farecards—preferring to keep them as collectibles.

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