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eleanor holmes norton

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) told MSNBC host Richard Lui today that the reason the Obamacare enrollment numbers are low is that millions of people believe the Republican Party has repealed the law:

What we have been battling now is, first, every time the House couldn’t think of anything else to do it had a big debate on repealing Obamacare, so there are millions of people out there who think it was repealed.

Yes, the House did vote to repeal the law—or parts of the law—on numerous occasions, but that’s all it was—a vote. How does Norton make her claim jibe with the massive amount of coverage the Obamacare rollout received? I’m confident that many more people knew about the rollout than had ever heard about the votes to repeal the law.

Norton expressed confidence that the government will achieve its goal of 7-million enrollments by March 31—the current figure is 1.1 million—in order to make the program financially viable.

She also admitted that the “debacle of a website” also contributed to the enrollment problems, but said that only “seemed to confirm that [the law] must have been repealed or should have been repealed.”

Well at least she got the law “should have been repealed” part right.

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